With the looming “MAJOR LIFE EVENT” of my daughter’s departure for college, I needed to find a way to fill time. Being a thinker (an over-thinker, some friends might say), I began to think. And pieces of the thinking began to click together; akin to fitting little magnetic tiles into their proper places in a puzzle.

Several things have happened over the past year or so that are culminating in starting this book review blog/writing exercise/novel/essay/place for occasional deep thoughts. I became involved in a fandom. The fandom of Diana Gabaldon. Author of the Outlander series of books, which will be a premium cable TV show starting in August 2014. Which led to attending ComicCon. Which led me to realize that I’m an author-groupie and book addict. Which led me to offer to beta read a writers’ work. Which led me to realizing I had already been beta reading someone’s work since I was 12. Which led me to attending BookCon, which became the crucible in which this blog took shape. And also led to more beta reading. And it came to me that I’ve needed an outlet for my author-groupie/book-addict self. So I started to write. About reading. About life. About transition. About getting the ideas out of your head and into the world.


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