Several weeks ago, I started writing. Unfocused and without a particular goal in mind. I just wanted, no, needed to write. I wrote ten possible blog posts. And then, magically or devilishly, those posts all disappeared. Well, not exactly. I deleted my app and all my local drafts with it. However, it did give me a blank slate to start over with. Since I’d been considering how to focus my efforts, it seemed that maybe this was one of many recent signs from the Universe that I should pick a direction and start moving. This post begins my Book Blog, A Thoughtful Reader.

A Thoughtful Reader will be a source for book reviews of a variety of genres of fiction: Historical Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, Non-cheesy Romance, Young Adult and, most particularly fiction that crosses multiple genres or is not easily categorized (my personal favorite). I’m also going to start with several older books that stand out as really special (and lesser known) examples from well known authors. For example, my first review will be of a Philippa Gregory book that is generally less well known to her readers of Historical Fiction; a book called Zelda’s Cut. I received my copy from (my favorite source for used copies of books that I took out of the library, loved and want a copy of, but don’t want to spend a fortune on). I’ve re-read it, and have started writing my review.

A Thoughtful Reader will also be a place for “occasional deep thoughts”. As I start thinking about the transitions in my life now, I may decide from time to time that my musings will resonate with others. When that happens, you will see a post in the Page called Deep Thoughts that you might find interesting, funny, thought-provoking or otherwise engaging. I hope you enjoy those posts.

Thanks for visiting.



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4 responses to “Focus

  1. What if the people demand Cheesy Romance? Why must you be so adamantly anti-cheese?

  2. Nice! I m enjoying your first few blogs Wendy! Good for you taking the steps to do this! you inspire me to start something up myself! looking forward to reading more of your thoughts!

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