Trinity Stones (Book 1 in the Angelorum 12 series)

Trinity Stones. A really interesting, fun, engaging book that includes opportunities for very deep thoughts. I was on the fence about a 4 star or a 5 star review. Since I didn’t feel there was anything really disappointing about the book, I chose to give it 5 stars.

Full Disclosure: The author provided me with this book as a gift, after I participated as a member of her beta team reading the second book in this series.

I read Book 2 before Book 1 deliberately and by agreement with the author. She was looking for a beta reader to read the second book without any prior background. I really enjoyed Book Two, and was sure that I understood enough of the world that Ms. O’Connor has built without reading Trinity Stones first. Now, having read Trinity Stones, I have a new appreciation for the difficulty involved in giving a reader enough backstory to understand what’s going on without including the entirety of prior books in a series! I have increased admiration for series writers. That’s tough to do! And I’m especially glad that I’ve read Trinity Stones now, as it answered several open questions from Book Two for me and really added a lot of texture to the characters’ personalities.

PLOT: Cara Collins, anxiety-ridden but successful investment banker hates the direction her job is going and has been carrying a torch for her college flame for nine years. That is, until right around her 27th birthday, when things begin to change. First, an odd encounter on the subway. Then meeting a stunning man where sparks fly while out to dinner with a friend. And then the inheritance of $50 million…well, control of $25 million of it, anyway. The other half is just in her care for the rest of her life. And then the really crazy stuff starts to happen! The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles are contemporary urban fantasy novels, mixed with romance, paranormal, theology and angelology. And the theme of the series is the epic and ultimate battle between good and evil. Cara Collins will play a key role in that battle. She is destined to lead the angelic side of the battle to victory. Along the way, there is emotional baggage to be cleared by Cara, by her Guardian and by her first love. There are souls that connect in ways that are unexpected.

Trinity Stones takes an old, but always interesting subject, the ultimate battle between good and evil, and explores it in a way that is new to me; through the creation of a skillfully crafted world that is both recognizably our own, and eerily different (the author’s evil characters are TRULY creepy and the stuff of which nightmares can be made). This is a world where angels and demons live and work among us, as do semi-angelic Nephalim, and humans who will participate in the battle for supremacy. There are destinies to be fulfilled, but there is also free will that can change the way we fulfill those destinies. This is a book that uses a great deal of religious background, but combines it with a modern sense of spirituality. And the characters…I really liked these characters. They are interesting people. They have interesting conversations (when not battling the forces of darkness). Even the forces of darkness are interesting characters. I want to know more about them all.

One of the elements of the characters that I enjoyed the most was that they are all imperfect. Ms. O’Connor could easily have made the characters a little too perfect. But instead, they each have challenges that help the reader connect to them. After all, when you’re reading about an unbearably beautiful man, with an 18 foot wingspan, or Ninja warrior skills, it helps that they also have very human weaknesses, like a fear of failure or irrational anger. When reading about an attractive, successful investment banker, it helps to see her fight her internal demon of anxiety, as well as the demons trying to destroy her in order to win their war. The evil characters have imperfection too…they (without realizing it) have genuine caring feelings toward one another. Which I am sure will cause some difficulties in a future book!

I recommend this book for readers who are interested in exploring deep themes, in an entertaining and well-paced book, with relatable characters, that will pull you in and leave you wanting to know what happens next.


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