Review: If The Light Would Stay by J.G. Lucas


Let’s start with this: I REALLY enjoyed this book (I inhaled it) and am looking forward to its sequel. If the Light Would Stay seems to be classified as Paranormal Romance. In my opinion, it’s much closer to Urban Fantasy. There’s a paranormal element to the story (in an otherwise “normal” character or two). There is some romance, but it’s not formulaic Romance novel romance. It’s contemporary fiction and crosses several genres. This is the first novel by a writer whose work I will look for again and again.

The book starts out nearly all narrative, and takes its time building the main characters and story. The pace picked up just around the point where I started feeling a little frustrated. I loved the characters, who were both very real and mysterious. And despite being angry at Tess (the female protagonist) at the end of the book, and a little confused by her actions, I immediately went back to the beginning and started a re-read to catch some of the nuances of story and re-experience some of the very beautiful descriptive language that J.G. Lucas uses throughout her book. Sam and Liam, two other main characters, are also just wonderfully drawn, with clear personalities. I especially fell in love with Liam’s character. Getting to know Sam and Tess is a bit more difficult and I think we’ll get to know them much better through future books.

In addition to getting to know more about Sam and Tess, there are a few loose ends that I would have liked to have seen tied up a bit more tightly at the end, but I guess that will also have to wait for future books.

I tend to categorize books as “snacks” or “meals”. This book, while a quick read for me, was not simple to read. So I think of it as a light meal — quick, but filled with flavor and texture.

Amazon Kindle Store: If the Light Would Stay

Goodreads: If the Light Would Stay

NOTE: I have started corresponding with this author and hope to be working with her as a beta reader for Book 2. She’s a lively correspondent and I’m enjoying getting to know her as a person, in addition to as a writer.



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3 responses to “Review: If The Light Would Stay by J.G. Lucas

  1. Rita Jones

    really want to read, If the light would stay. sounds like my cup of tea<3

  2. Sarah

    I read this based on your review’s recommendation and really enjoyed it. I was quite tense towards the end, leaning forward in my seat on a plane, unable to put it down. I’ve recommended it to my sister as well. Looking forward to the next one!

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