I Liebster you all, too!


Thanks, Liesl,  Angela and Tracy for nominating me for this Liebster award. I’m excited to be nominated for something! Because I’ve been nominated, I get to put that pretty green-ish award image thing on my post. Which caused me to have to figure out how to put a graphic in a blog post.

Until I was nominated I’d never heard of a Liebster. Not too surprising, since the rock I’ve been living under is fairly cozy and warm, and it’s cold and wet outside in NJ in February.

I’ve now become aware that the Liebster Award is an award given from blogger to blogger to send us to lesser-known blog places we may not otherwise see. Since I’ve only been blogging for around 7 months (and infrequently, at that), it’s not surprising I hadn’t heard of it. Frankly, I’m a bit daunted. Holding my nose, taking a deep breath and jumping into the deep end….

The rules:

1) Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers. (I have no idea if the bloggers I’m nominating have fewer than 200 followers. Maybe. Maybe not. I like them and think they should be appreciated)
2) Acknowledge and link back to the person who nominated me.
3) Answer 11 questions the person who nominated me has asked me.
4) Tell you 11 random facts about myself
5) Give my nominees 11 questions to answer on their blog when they post about the Liebster Award.

My nominees are:

Meredith Stoddard https://meredith-stoddard.squarespace.com/

Mary Lynne Gibbs https://crazyrandomweirdness.wordpress.com

Suzanne Brazil http://suzannebrazil.com/

S. Usher Evans http://www.susherevans.com/p/alliances.html

Alina Garcia-LaPuerta http://www.alinagarcialapuerta.com/

Khrys Vaughan http://www.theredumbrellasociety.com/

Midge Gordon http://www.midgegordon.com I see you’ve already responded to a request — feel free to just pat yourself on the back and know that you were nominated again 🙂 If you do wish to respond to questions, I will gladly read your responses!

Lynne Rees http://www.lynnerees.com/

Nicola Layouni http://njlayouni.blogspot.com/

Kerri Nicole Casey https://kerrinicolecasey.wordpress.com/

Lynn Forth https://lynnforthauthor.wordpress.com/

And here are my 11 questions for each of you:

  1. How has your blog changed over the time you’ve been blogging. If you’re new at this, is it turning out as you expected?
  2. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
  3. How many writing projects do you work on at once?
  4. When you need to relax: Bath, Wine or Both?
  5. If you could be present at any famous historical moment, what would that be?
  6. What was your favorite book when you were a child (before teens)?
  7. Who would you most like to be stuck in a Lift/Elevator with?
  8. Do you have a hero/heroine? Who?
  9. Of the things you cook well, what is your best recipe?
  10. What cheers you up after a bad day?
  11. What is the one single question you hate to answer?


I am mashing together 11 questions from the ones each of my nominators posed to me. Otherwise, I’d be posting 33 answers, and that’s just too damned many things to think about at the moment. My brain is already cluttered and I’m starting to find random post-its that I can’t read, in my own handwriting, scattered on my desk. Ah, back to the Liebster-ing.

Followed by 11 answered questions, asked by my nominators:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
    • Starting this blog was a step I took on a path I’m still exploring. Read about how this all started to evolve in my post The Beginning. So far, this path has been fun, interesting, intellectually stimulating and, yes, even joyous! I’m going to keep following it.
  2. If you’ve been published, what was your first published work?
    • I wrote an article for New Beginnings, the magazine of La Leche League, nearly 20 years ago. It was titled Reconnecting with Sara, about my experience with re-lactating after having to stop nursing due to my being critically ill. Since then, one article for the New York Law Journal. And that’s it so far.
  3. Where would you live if you could live anywhere. Why?
    • I’m trying to figure that out, so I can move there. Currently, my favorite place to think about is the Blue Ridge / Smoky Mountain region of North Carolina and Eastern TN. I also think about Albuquerque.
  4. You’ve won the lottery. Other than quitting your day job, what do you do?
    • Spend a year, or more, traveling the U.S. to figure out where I’ll settle down. Travel throughout Europe, because I haven’t done that enough, nor recently enough. Yeah. Travel.
  5. If you could live in any time period that’s already happened, which would you choose?
    • I’m not sure. Maybe the 1920s. Maybe the late 1800s. If I could have hot running water, pretty much any time, for at least a little while.
  6. What other creative outlets do you have besides writing?
    • I like wood turning. Knitting and crochet. I’d like to try spinning. Singing. Pretty much just in the car these days, though.
  7. Where will I find you at the party?
    • Somewhere quieter than the middle. Probably talking to one or two people. For too long.
  8. What did you want to be when you were a child?
    • Hmmm, an anthropologist or archeologist, then a marine mammal biologist (dolphins anyone?) or primate biologist (Jane Goodall anyone?), and a few other things along the way. Curiously, though, I never dreamed of being a writer.
  9. Tell us about your favorite happy song – link it up
  10. What was the one experience you’ve had that made you feel happiest?
    • Looking into my daughters eyes for the first time.
  11. Which of your blog posts is your favorite and why?

And finally, 11 random facts about me:

  1. A childhood friend used to refer to me as her “personal historian” because I could remember so many details about her life.
  2. I wish I’d taken a different route to get to where I am…but then, I might not have gotten here.
  3. My eyes change color depending on my mood. And what I’m wearing. They are bluer than they are green or grey, though.
  4. I had aspirations of being a music producer when I was in my 20s. I got over them.
  5. I was trained and worked as a volunteer educator at a zoo, and was trained in handling a really big boa constrictor, ferrets, an owl and other assorted beasts.
  6. One of my earliest friendships was with a girl who loved to read as much as (or more than ) I did. We’d pretend the stories from our books during our after school play dates. She and I are still friends. She has more books than I do.
  7. I deeply admire and love my grandmother. She died 30 years ago, and I still miss her and talk to her in my head frequently. I think she might listen.
  8. I sang the demo vocals for two radio commercials that eventually were very well known: “Time Flies” (Time Magazine) and “Orange You Smart” (Florida Orange Grower’s Association). I couldn’t sing the radio versions because I wasn’t in the union.
  9. I smoked for 37 years. I’ve been smoke/nicotine free for a little over 5 years.
  10. I didn’t finish college.
  11. I met some of my closest women friends on the internet nearly 20 years ago, when we were all pregnant, and active on an AOL “bulletin board”.

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  1. congrats on the award! and I’m the girl with the books!! how fun to remember!!

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