J.G. Lucas – Author of Bright Aster (f/k/a If the Light Would Stay)

April 2016

Wendy has years of experience working on fiction, helping with structure, providing advice to enhance stories. She is an obsessive reader with a natural talent for language.

She has provided beta reading and structure advice for me for two of my manuscripts, and both were greatly improved by her advice and guidance.

Wendy’s strength comes in her empathy. She knows how to become your characters and understand them. That’s vital in identifying when they do something out of character or when the story goes someplace jarringly unexpected. She can also tell where you, the author, are trying to go with the story. That’s why her advice is so valuable: she’s not trying to change the story, just help you make it shine.

Both the quality and the delivery of her advice are stellar. She understands that a writer’s manuscript and characters are our babies, so she makes her points in a diplomatic, approachable way. She is honest but tactful. If you can’t handle feedback from Wendy, chances are good, you aren’t going to be able to take it from anywhere.

I would work with Wendy again without hesitation, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for structural advice and guidance.


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